Radioset - Partido A Partido

Radio Show Called; PARTIDO A PARTIDO

I went on a Spanish Radio Show called ‘Partido a Partido’ on RadioSet to talk about Homophobia in Football.

I had just moved to Madrid to start a new job on Tele Cinco ( Chanel 5 in Spain ) called ‘Viva la Vida’ also a new show at the time.

I wore one of my Black Heart Label T-shirts from the brand I created in honour of my uncle Justin Fashanu in 2012. ( @bhlabel )

Through discussion and the brand I continue to fight against discrimination in football, as I believe the more we communicate the more we increase awareness in Sport.

In this interview I highlight the importance of a footballer currently playing to step up and be true to who they really are.

It takes a lot of courage to come out in football, but it is something which is needed and which sooner or later must happen.

Statistics reveal that one in 5 men are gay. So why is it that on a team of 11 there is not one single one who is openly gay? Odd right….?