Justice for George Floyd

A Poem Titled 'Nine' in Loving Memory of George Floyd

This is a beautiful message for an extremely important cause which I received the other day.

Hello Amal,

Thank you for getting back to me, I trust you are keeping well.

I was inspired to write my poem entitled NINE, after listening to Attorney Crump on CNN. He emphasised so passionately that Mr Floyd was subjected to 9 minutes of torture at the hands of the cops and that really resonated with me. 

NINE has 9 verses and every verse spells the word NINE.

I want our brothers and sisters in America to know that we in the UK and people across the globe, stand united with them and we feel their pain. We will continue to do all we can to fight racism.

My aim is to release NINE to the public on the 9th day of Mr Floyd's passing, which will be wed 3rd June. If you would like to feature NINE on your blog from the 3rd June, I would be so very grateful. 

If so, please can you accompany it with the following hashtags:





Thank you for sharing this with us Anneka, the poem is beautiful and I am very happy to be able to provide a platform to get our message across too!

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