Amal Fashanu Handbags, Designed in London, Made in Spain

Amal Fashanu Handbags

Amal Fashanu Handbags, Designed in London, Made in Spain

Some girls are into shoes, I have always been intoHandbags.

From a young age I was able to appreciate art, architecture and fashion. Growing up between London and Madrid, I graduated at Brunel University where I studied Communications and Media Studies and went on to present four documentaries for the BBC.

Having completed a Masters in handbag design in Madrid l was then able to indulge on dream and passion; returning to London and setting up my own brand Amal Fashanu Handbags in 2017.

We mainly sell Online and the 'Metise Mini' Handbag has been carried by a multitude of Celebs around the world.

My mission is to design gorgeous yet wearable bags and accessories, whilst supporting small family-owned businesses in their growth. Each and every piece is Hand crafted with love paying strict attention to detail to ensure the highest quality.

I design the bags in my office in London whilst the bags are handcrafted in the South of Spain.

The Amal Fashanu products are all handmade in Spain using only the softest of Nappa leathers. Our timeless shapes are made for women, who appreciate quality and originality; who love beauty in its purest and most refined form.

I have a thing for geometry and beauty I must admit.... so I do try my best to make my designs as appealing to the eye as possible.

(Amal Fashanu Designing New Collection 2020 in Image Above)

Amal Fashanu Handbags 2021 Collection

I have spent most of mytime in Quarentine designing my new Collection for 2021.

I can now say the new collection has been an incredibly different and unique process.

Being alone at home has given me the head space I needed to be extra creative.

I can't wait to show you all very soon!!!

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