Amal Fashanu's 'La Mer' Review 2020

Amal Fashanu's La Mer Review 2020

Amal Fashanu's Reviews a Selection of La Mer products including, The Cleansing foam, Cleansing Gel and the Creme de La Mer Original Facial Moisturiser

I am a Huge 'La Mer' Fan since my horrible experience using a Clinique Moisturiser when I was 20 years old.

Since then I have tried other brands unsuccessfully, until I discovered 'La Mer'.

For the past 10 years I've been asked what I use on my face..... and honestly my only secret is washing my face thoroughly every night and moisturising it with Creme de La Mer ( Luxury Cream )

After trying a number of so called 'Top creams' out there..... and trying several La Mer products successfully I came to the conclusion that most of La Mer's Range actually really works well with my skin type and therefore I have stopped looking for more.

'When you find what works for you generally in life I would say stick to it as the grass is not always greener!'

As part of my daily routine I use two different face washes depending on my mood.....

  1. The Cleansing Foam which is a gentle cleansing foam which purifies delicate skin, drawing out impurities and excess oil, this light wash leaves skin feeling soft and energised for a bright, fresh, healthy-looking complexion. I simply massage the cleansing foam over damp skin to create a rich foaming lather. I then rinse thoroughly avoiding the eye area.

  2. The Cleansing Gel which is a gel cleanser which also draws out impurities, excess oil and pollutants with a refreshingly light touch. This Gel also helps to remove daily debris and helps the complexion maintain its delicate balance. I would say this is my ultimate favourite Face Wash!

I then proceed to applying some of the Revitalising Hydrating Serum, which is a Lightweight yet deeply replenishing serum. This powerful hydrator transforms skin with sea-sourced energy.

This high-speed serum creates a micro-cloud of moisture, maintaining a haven of healthy hydration where skin can thrive.

After the Hydrating Serum comes my favourite part. The Moisturising!!!!!

'Creme de La Mer' is a luxuriously rich cream that immerses your skin in deep moisture, helping soothe dryness.

The secret to activating 'Creme de la Mer with Miracle Broth' lies in a soothing ritual......

Warm the La mer cream between your fingers until it becomes translucent and then press gently into the skin.

I use this cream every day and night and its my absolute Favourite La Mer Product.

The silky soft texture and the soft cotton like smell makes me absolutely love this face cream. I am also a witness of the long term results of using this face cream daily and care of your skin and therefore I repeat..... 'La Mer' ticks all the boxes for me and all their products are Non-comedogenic too!

Yes... a tad expensive and honestly sometimes its hard to pay the price...... but for the past 10 years.... 'La Mer' has kept my skin as good as gold and I would say it is definitely worth the investment!!!

Invest in yourselves girls our faces are precious!!!!! :)

It was hard for me to find a brand that 360 worked well for my skin type...... so I can say with confidence I had found my brand.


Even the La Mer Travel Face Masks leaves your skin feeling extremely Hydrated and soft. Although more expensive than other brands this face mask is worth the price and when your travelling long distances, this is perfect to do on the plane and arrive to your destination looking fresh.

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