Amal Fashanu's Luxury Candle Brand Diptyque Paris Review

( From Diptyque Paris's Latest Collection 2020 )

Amal Fashanu's Diptyque Review, Luxury Scented Candles, Fragrances and Diptyque's Brand History

I have always had a thing for glorious scents. I discovered Diptyque Paris luxury candles a few years ago whilst spending a summer in Paris and I have been an avid fan ever since.

Their candles make any room smell incredible and their fragrances are equally as incredibly smelling!!!!

Once you enter one of their shops it's practically impossible for me not to buy something, even if just a candle.

Many complain about their candle prices.... but in all honesty I believe you pay for quality and design so I am happy to buy less quantity and more quality in general!

Before Covid-19 this was my latest purchase from one of their shops in Shoreditch!

( I took this Photo at Home During Covid-19 )

About the Brand - Diptyque Paris

They say the secret to their singularity is the distinct chemistry between the three unique individuals who founded the brand; Christiane Montardre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet.

When they met, it sparked a chain of creativity, that continues to resonate with us today.

In 1961 they opened an unusual boutique with a daring plan: listen to their intuition and only do what they love. I personally love this ideology and believe only the true greats have the ability to do this!

Nothing dampened their friendship as their business grew, and Diptyque spread the creations born of this unique friendship all around the world.

This dynamic trio were innovators ahead of their time I would say. They created what we now call a concept store at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris where they shook up the traditional Parisian neighbourhood by creating a delightfully new and wondrous experience: a concept-store, or bazaar as they would call it.

The Art Of Living Through The Senses

Diptyque Paris's world is made up of powerful emotions and delicate pleasures.

In 1964, the Maisons initial forays into the world of beauty were British imports: eaux de toilette by Penhaligon's - a British Luxury perfume house - the intriguing vinaigrette de toilette and Violet Oatmeal face masks by Rimmel. Cosmetics according to Diptyque were already trying in infuse.

Diptyque's Founders Creativity alongside their insatiable curiosity and the secret gardens they always kept in bloom.

Yves travelled the world with passion, Desmond never stopped painting and Christiane had a thing for architecture.

Diptyque's Famous Emblem

Their Logo

Dancing Letters as I call them.....apparently so do

Even Diptyque's letters are non-conformists. Their rebellious patterns sprawled across the iconic ovals and act of poetry as well as one of beauty.

When first seeing Diptyque Paris's logo I was slightly confused as I could barely read the oval label on their candles. With time for some reason I have grown to like this layout of imperfection.

I understand that Diptyque expresses itself through fragrances and the senses. Every store across the world looks and smells incredible and the attention to detail is unique. Each detail makes sense, and each image tells the story of a journey.

Diptyque's Fragrance 'Do Son'

Do Son

I love the smell of this fragrance so much I must admit I use it as room spray quite a lot.

I was reading up on the history of Diptyque Paris fragrance and I found out that as a child, Yves Coueslant, one of the Diptyque founders spent his sucker at a pagoda on the seaside that his father had built in Do Son's Along Bay.

Do Son is the embodiment of precious and persistent memories from a childhood spent in Indochina.

For more information on Diptyque see the link below!