Belvoir, Fruit Farms Organic Elderflower Cordial Drink

Belvoir, Fruit Farms Organic Elderflower Cordial Drink

Belvoir Elderflower Organic Cordial Drink

Belvoir elderflower cordial is made to Mary Manners' family recipe, from an infusion of freshly picked elderflowers and lots of fresh lemon juice.

Its delicate taste makes a wonderfully refreshing drink when mixed with still or sparkling water.

I discovered this brand through my aunty in 2014.

I initially tried it and thought it was nice.... but I thought nothing of it really to be honest....but when I tried it again a year after a year or so at my best friends wedding... I simply fell in LOVE with the drink. For me it is perfect. The taste is so elegant and tangy as I would describe it, and for someone who only likes to drink water and fresh juices like me this has become my regular alternative alongside tea.

Belvoir Elderflower Cordial also makes a sensational spritzers with white and sparkling water, or add a dash of vodka and tonic for those who like drinking alcohol unlike myself.

I have a friend who has it warm, as a healthy shot too!

Elderflower has been known to have beneficial properties in the treatment of colds and flu since Roman times.

The History of Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms are family owned

Belvoir Fruit Farms are Handmade drinks from the heart of the countryside.

Belvoir Fruit Farms nestles deep in the English Countryside in the idyllic Vale of Belvoir, they have been making fruit cordials and presses since 1984, pressing fresh fruit and infusing fresh flowers to mix with spring water.

Belvoir still use the same elderflower recipe developed by co-founder Mary Manners all those years ago. Originally the Elderflower would have been handpicked from bushes growing around Lord and Lady John Manner's garden. Their whole family helped to make the first bath of elderflower cordial, chopping the lemons and stirring the syrup. Lord John then popped the 88 cases of drinks into the back of his car and went round local farm shops, persuading the owners to buy a bottle here and there.

Today demand for Belvoir drinks is so high that Belvoir calls on local community to help with the harvest, picking flowers from their own 90 acres of orchards and hedgerows in the surrounding Countryside.

Belvoir's elderflower products have a unique taste, and for this its apparently essential to use nothing but fresh flowers.

Peverel Manners, Lord John’s son, says: “The secret of a really good elderflower cordial is to use masses of flowers that have been picked in the sunshine when they’re warm and heavy with yellow pollen, then get them into the vat within three hours. This gives the drink its delicate floral taste.”

Over the past few years the company has expanded its beverage range to include a wide range of flavours and Belvoir now produces more than 40 products, and Belvoir is still owned by the Manners Family.

I personally love the story behind Belvoir and the fact that it has such an amazing history and taste makes it unique!!!!

When I lived in Spain I would buy the Belvoir Organic Elderflower cordial in bulk, so that I would have enough to last me at least a month. I must admit I also do love the actual Belvoir Elderflower Drink too although the Cordial seems to last longer.

If you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend you do. Belvoir's Elderflower drink and cordial is about the only thing I drink alongside tea and water.

For more information on Belvoir Farms visit their website below: