The Royal Family’s mental health charity, Heads Together, have announced a new partnership called Heads Up with the FA with the Duke of Cambridge as President. On their website, the campaign is described as ‘Harnessing the influence and popularity of football, Heads Up will be a campaign to remind us all that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness’. The campaign will also work to reduce stigma surrounding mental health, by starting ‘the biggest ever conversation’ around mental health, aiming to give people the freedom to open up and talk about it.

This combination of football and mental health speaks directly to us at Black Heart Label. Our founder Amal Fashanu works hard to campaign against discrimination and homophobia in Football – both things which contribute to poor mental health amongst footballers. Indeed, 10% of Black Heart Label’s profits go towards The Justin Fashanu Foundation, which fights for equality and against discrimination in sport.

Seeing such a public figure openly promote mental health awareness through one of the UK’s most popular sports – football – is extremely heartwarming and we look forward to seeing what they do when they launch in August.