Justice for George

Justice for George Floyd - A man Brutally killed in America by Former Police officer Derek Chauvin, once again proving Racism in America to be a matter of urgent concern in America

( Amal Fashanu Marching in London's peaceful protest on the 3rd of June 2020 )

Waking up to the news of George Floyd's death, was one of those moments in history which I know and would love to believe will change the history of The United States of America.

I couldn't stop thinking..... How can we be in 2020 and have advanced in so many aspects in life and in the World yet.... Racism is still being spoken about on the news and people are still killing others for the colour of their skin.

The video of Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd Emerged on Monday.

In the video you can clearly see Derek Chauvin with his knee pinned on George Floyd's neck as he lay on the floor defenceless being deprived of oxygen for over 8 minutes saying 'Please, I can't breathe' over 5 times before passing out and dying.

This was truly heart breaking to watch and I was filled with rage and anger.

The Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, has now been charged with 3rd Degree Murder and Manslaughter. He is currently in Custody in relation to the death of George Floyd.

At the time of the incident Derek Chauvin wasn't alone.

He was with a few other of his colleague who stood watching in silence.

Another named Police Officer present and in Silence at the time of George Floyd's death was Police Officer 'Tou Thao' he watched as George Floyd was being killed.

They both ignored Mr Floyd as he repeatedly told them both he could not breathe.

Four Police officers were fired, although George Floyd's Sister and Family plead for those same four officers to be sentenced for murder.

Not only did they ignore George Floyd, they ignored many bystanders begging them to let George Floyd up.

Police brutality in the USA will continue to cost unarmed black people their lives until a new systems of accountability and consequences is put in place.

New evidence reveals George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked overlapping security shifts at the same Minneapolis night club. This could mean that this wasn't just a random racist attack but a more meditated racial attack maybe?

We will hopefully know more in the coming weeks and I pray these other 4 officers get convicted as staring in silence makes you a murderer too!!!!

Sub-consequently Minneapolis has been suffering nearly 3 days of rioting and looting, and there has been several riots in other parts of America too.

Two Quotes I read, which are relevant to George Floyd's Story:

'Racism is not getting worse, its getting televised' - Angela Y. Davis


'If you are Neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the Opressor' - Desmond Tutu.

Sadly it takes a tragedy to make a change and evidently the death of George Floyd has created a wave of debate and has brought racism to the forefront of everyones minds not only in America but worldwide.

It is about time these racist individuals get brought to justice. In times like these I feel very blessed to NOT be living in America, where being black means you have to feel and act differently or you might just get killed for no reason by the police.






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