Radio Work - Talk Sport Radio

Working at Talk Sport.

I’ve recently been spending time as a radio journalist on TalkSPORT, the world’s biggest sports radio station. Gearing up for a show of my own, I’ve been on air with Alan Brazil, Laura Woods and Ally McCoist. It’s been such a fantastic experience and really got me back into the world of sports and sports reporting.

My first show was with Laura and Ally and gave me an introduction to reading the sports headlines – focusing on football – and discussing the latest football news. Of course, football is a sport I am extremely passionate about. My foundation, The Justin Fashanu Foundation is named in honour of my late uncle, England’s first £1m black football player, and aims to promote equality in sport.

My second show was with Alan Brazil – he is an impressive man and a joy to work with! We discussed the football headlines of that day, and I spoke on air about how much she enjoys watching football. Coming back to England after living in Spain for a few years, I’ve been able to fully immerse herself in the sport again and have remembered how impassioned I am about it! It was a great moment.

Through this work on talkSPORT, I am hoping to spread the word about the Justin Fashanu foundation, the importance of equality and the fight against homophobia within football. TalkSPORT is the perfect medium through which to discuss this and get people talking about and working against discrimination in sport. Indeed, I was on air with talkSPORT the day the racist chants aimed at footballer Raheem Sterling in Montenegro were reported. This incident was absolutely shocking, partly because I’ve met Sterling and he’s such a nice guy, and partly because of how outdated this type of abuse should be. To see the abuse he faced was extremely disheartening and exemplified the fact that racism in sport is still an issue, and needs to be treated as such.

Although reporting these incidents is saddening and frustrating, each time they are brought to the public eye, we take one more step in the fight against them. I hope that her work both on air and through her foundation will help to tackle the racism and homophobia that is clearly endemic in the beautiful game.

I’ve had such a fab time on air, and I look forward to continuing it!