'New Beginnings' EP - Amal

Anyone who meets Amal for the first time says the same thing, "Amal is a vibe!" Although she certainly is, this multi layered artist is much, much more.

Amal is a multidisciplinary creative talent who has excelled as a pioneering creative director, broadcaster & philanthropist. Now she is focusing all her infectious energy on becoming an artist and The Shape of Afrobeat to Come.

Inspired by Sade Adu and Alicia Keys her sound is a sonic sculpture of her heritage and unique life experiences. The alchemy of a contemporary urban tempo, fused with Afrobeat rhythm, punctuated by her hyptnotic melodic Spanish and French poetry.

Her first EP release, titled ‘New Beginnings’, will be available to stream on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, on June 1st 2022. It features the lead single ‘Detty December’.

Detty December’s music video was shot in Accra, (Ghana) and tells the story of a broken hearted girl reclaiming her power after her man indulges in his Detty December and then tries to crawl back.

As Afrobeat transforms into an international experience like reggae did half a century ago, it has begun to blend with other forms of music, art & expressions.

Amal is The Shape of Afrobeat to Come. Taking it beyond music into culture...


Free download is available June 1st.