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My Visit to Number 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron sets deadline to crush racism

Roland Watson

Thursday February 23 2012, 12.01am, The Times

David Cameron has given football authorities two months to draw up plans to “crush” racism on and off the pitch.

“This is not just important for football, it’s important for the whole country,” the Prime Minister told a panel gathered at 10 Downing Street that included John Barnes and Graeme Le Saux, the former England players.

He praised authorities and the “extraordinary role models” among players for improving the image of the game, but said that incidents of racism had recently re-emerged.

“We need to act quickly to make sure those problems do not creep back in,” the Prime Minister said.

The FA said that it would draw up practical actions to address issues of discrimination, including homophobia. Also present was Amal Fashanu, the niece of Justin Fashanu and Daughter of John Fashanu.

This was an article in 'The Times' Newspaper after my visit to Downing Street in 2012.

David Cameron, The Prime Minister at the time called for action to be taken within football to eliminate Racism. The campaign sure did kick up a fuss and it was spoken about in every media outlet although true results were never obtained.

I was invited due to my obvious connection to football but also bcuase I had just made a Documentary for BBC3 called 'Britain's Gay Footballers' where I go on a journey to understand why there are no openly gay professionals in football and why my Uncle Justin Fashanu is the only one to date.

I was honoured to be invited although I was hoping there would be a little more focus on Homophobia and Mental Health in football too. Now in 2020 I feel like there is a potential to investigate even further on the matter and also speak to those key individuals in football which make the decisions and footballers who are happy to speak out!

Having set up The Justin Fashanu Foundation a few months ago we are hoping to contribute by continuing to raise awareness and make football a safe space for those who would like to come out one day.

Please visit our website to learn more about the Foundation.

According to 'The Metro' Newspaper

10 Downing Street

David Cameron also said :

‘We need to act quickly to make sure those problems do not creep back in. ‘

'I hope what we can agree today is to make sure that everybody who has the ability to deal with this issue takes the steps they can. ‘I am sure we can crack this problem.’

Today’s summit is also addressing homophobia in the game, with documentary-maker Amal Fashanu – whose uncle Justin Fashanu, the UK’s openly gay footballer, hanged himself 14 years ago – in attendance. Some critics have pointed fingers at the clubs, many whom are said to be openly ignoring the issue. Earlier this week, those same critics pointed to the fact that, of the 116 fully professional teams in England, only 16 had signed up to an anti-homophobia action group.

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