Accra, Ghana.

Location: 16 N Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana

Cuisine: Asian

Amal Rating: 8/10

Santoku was one of the first Asian restaurants I ever tried in Ghana back in 2015.

The quality of the food is still top notch and the cocktails are on point.

The 400m2 restaurant offers the delights of world-class Asian fusion cuisine in an environment crafted by international talent.

The team behind Nobu in London and Dubai worked with Santoku to create a range of dishes, from Otsumami snacks and Zensai sharing dishes to soups and noodles.

The name ‘Santoku’ means innovation and experimentation, concepts that the

chefs have explored and which result in a menu that combines traditional Japanese culinary customs with contemporary cuisine.

These ideas are also apparent in the restaurant’s design, where influences of ancient Eastern philosophy are merged with modern Western style. Hubert du Givenchy sourced traditional Japanese woodwork, and a ceiling crafted in bamboo distinguish the restaurant in its exclusive, residential location Accra.

I personally love this restaurants and I would say its in the top 3 of my favourite restaurants in Accra. I would definitely recommend it although I would say order ASAP as the service can be slow at times.


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