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amal Fashanu


Unleashing Power, Creativity, and Music

Amal Fashanu is a multi-talented individual known for her work as a filmmaker, equality campaigner, and musician. As the niece of the late Justin Fashanu, the first openly gay footballer in the UK, she has been a vocal advocate for equality, particularly within the world of sports. Amal's journey has included creating impactful documentaries that tackle issues like homophobia in football, and her commitment to promoting inclusivity has earned her recognition and respect.

In addition to her work in the documentary realm, Amal Fashanu has made her mark in the music industry, where her creativity and artistic expression shine. Her multifaceted career showcases her dedication to using her platform to address social issues and her passion for the arts. Amal Fashanu continues to inspire and make a positive impact through her work, demonstrating that powerful storytelling and creativity can drive important conversations and social change.

Released Singles

Detty December / June 01 2022

Lean On Me / July 01 2022

Me & You / August 01 2022

tour dates

Coming Soon.

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