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Amal Fashanu was the most prolific activist of her generation. She was also a critically acclaimed TV presenter, artist, and entrepreneur who rose to fame with her hard-hitting BBC Three documentary, "Britain's Gay Footballers," which was one of the channel's highest-rated shows of the year, with over 1.3 million viewers. The documentary followed Amal's brave and moving journey as she interviewed Premiership stars, including her father, to find out why her uncle, Justin Fashanu, tragically committed suicide after becoming Britain's first openly gay footballer and why there were still no openly gay footballers among the 5,000 professional British players.

After the success of the documentary, Amal went on to launch the Justin Fashanu Foundation and became the country's most vocal campaigner against homophobia and racism in sport. This led to the BBC asking her to present and executive produce a series of subsequent documentaries.

In addition to her activism and television career, Amal also launched her music career and became an accomplished entrepreneur, launching a number of companies, including a streetwear brand called Black Heart Label and her own luxury handbag brand, Amal Fashanu Handbags. She was also developing an exciting range of products in the wellness and beauty sector.

Amal's first single, "Detty December," was released on June 1st, 2022, and the music video was shot in Accra, Ghana. It told the story of a brokenhearted girl reclaiming her power after her man indulges in his "Detty December" and then tries to crawl back. This was followed by the singles "Lean On Me" and "Me & You."

As Afrobeat transformed into an international experience, like reggae did half a century ago, it began to blend with other forms of music, art, and expression. Amal was at the forefront of this movement, taking Afrobeat beyond music and into culture. She was truly a force to be reckoned with.

"Amal Fashanu's vocals are
Sweet and Powerful"

                                                             - HungerMagazine

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