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Amal has been passionately immersed in a series of exciting projects, including the release of three enchanting Afro/Spanish melodic singles last summer, and this summer, she unveiled a vibrant dance track titled 'Set Yourself Free.' With an abundance of new music in the pipeline, Amal eagerly anticipates the opportunity to share her upcoming creations with her audience, promising an invigorating and diverse musical journey in the near future.

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Amal Fashanu, a London-born singer, embodies a captivating blend of diverse cultural influences. Her unique heritage reflects the rich tapestry of her Spanish mother and her father, who is of Nigerian and Guyanese descent. Growing up in Spain and spending two years in Accra, Ghana, has left an indelible mark on her music. Her sound is an entrancing fusion of Afro-Spanish influences, creating a musical flavor that's uniquely her own. Amal's music is a testament to the beauty of cultural diversity, and her artistry is a celebration of the harmonious blend of her multi-faceted background, which resonates through her distinct and captivating tones.


Amal unveiled her debut album on the first of June 2022, followed by the release of three more singles. Her distinctive music style blends melodic Afro/Spanish pop, a reflection of her rich heritage as someone of Spanish and Nigerian descent who spent her formative years in Madrid and now resides in Accra, Ghana.

These behind-the-scenes glimpses offer a window into Amal's unique blend of Afro-Spanish influences, both in her music and her personal identity.